Winchester Labs 6493800901 Saljet Single-Use Saline for Irrigation, 30 mL, 0.9%, Box of 40 vials

Our Product Number: M-WIN-6493800901-B40
Price: $54.69 USD

Product Description

Saljet is indicated for use in moistening and lubricating absorbent wound dressings for traumatic wounds, cuts, bruises and minor burns prior to the removal from the wound area. It's faster, sterile, and more economical than the standard practice of drawing multiple applications from a large container of saline using syringes and needles. It is simply a better alternative to delivering small volume topical sterile saline.

  • Several Saljet applicators can be carried in the pocket, reducing time consuming trips to the supply room
  • Sterility is assured for each application and eliminates the potential for bacterial contamination from reused saline containers
  • Saljet is the perfect solution for the delivery of small volume (30ml) saline for wound care

Box of 40 vials