Systagenix (formerly Johnson & Johnson) 2497 Nu-Gel Wound Dressing - 3(3/4) inch x 3(3/4) inch, Sterile, Box of 5 dressings

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Systagenix has discontinued Nu-Gel Wound Dressings and we no longer have any in stock. Sorry!

NU-GEL Wound Dressing helps maintain a moist environment encouraging autolytic debridement absorbs wound exudate reducing fluid pooling and provides a physical barrier against bacterial contamination and dehydration. Nu-Gel is transparent to allow for wound monitoring. NU-GEL Wound Dressing can be cut to the size of the wound.

NU-GEL Wound Dressing is a hydrogel dressing consisting of polyvinyl pyrrolidone in water. The gel is supported by a fusible fibre scrim and protected on both sides by polyethylene film.

Box of 5 dressings

Nu-Gel Wound Dressings by Systagenix was previously Nu-Gel Wound Dressings by Johnson and Johnson.