Spenco Products 47548 2nd Skin Scar Gel - 15 g pump dispenser, One

Our Product Number: E-SPE-47548-E
Price: $22.99 USD

Product Description

2nd Skin Scar Gel is a medical grade silicone gel that helps fade and flatten hypertrophic and keloid scars. 2nd Skin Scar Gel is flexible, colorless, non-stick and won't leave residue on your skin. 2nd Skin Scar Gel's thin, smooth coating can also be used anywhere on the body. Latex-free


  • Clean and dry hands and the scar site
  • Apply thin coat on affected area and allow to air dry
  • Upon reapplication, wash the scar site in mild soapy warm water and dry
  • Follow procedure daily. Recommended reapplication after bathing, exercising or as needed
  • If rash or itching occurs, clean affected area with soapy water. If symptoms persist, discontinue use and consult doctor.
  • Store gel in cool, dry place when not in use

    2nd Skin Scar Gel is not to be used on open wounds.

    2nd Skin Scar Gel should not be used on persons with dermatological conditions or disorders.