Span-America Medical PJSZL080 Selan + Zinc Oxide Barrier Lotion - 8 ounce bottle, One bottle

Our Product Number: D-PJSZL080-EA
Price: $9.49 USD

Product Description

Selan + Zinc Oxide Barrier Cream has a unique combination of ingredients that make this barrier cream an excellent moisturizer, protectant and conditioner
  • Creamy, absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy residue
  • Ingredients include emollients, dimethicone, zinc oxide and humectants for optimal moisturizing, protection and conditioning of the skin
  • Use for the treatment and prevention of diaper rash and other rashes due to moisture, stage one pressure ulcers, amputee tissue trauma, and the itch associated with end stage renal disease
  • Petrolatum-Free

One bottle