Smith & Nephew 66801174 Durafiber Ag Silver Gelling Fiber Dressing - 4 inch x 4 inch, Box of 10 dressings

Our Product Number: K-DMS-66801174-B10
Price: $165.59 USD

Product Description


Durafiber Ag Silver Gelling Fiber Dressing is a highly absorbent, non-woven, silver antimicrobial gelling fiber dressing indicated for the management of chronic and acute, full or partial thickness, or shallow exuding granulating wounds

  • Ionic silver in the dressing provides antimicrobial activity against a broad spectrum of common wound pathogens, which may help to reduce bacterial bioburden and the risk of infection
  • Can also be used on infected wounds while the infection continues to be inspected and treated as per local protocol
  • Dressing is soft and conformable, designed to rapidly form a clear, cool gel on contact with wound fluid
  • Gel absorbs excess fluid, locking exudate away from the wound while providing a moist environment to support autolytic debridement for up to 7 days
  • The high integral wet strength facilitates easy one-piece removal and helps to minimize trauma and pain
  • Sterile and Latex Free

Box of 10 dressings