Smith & Nephew 59449200 Dermal Wound Cleanser - 8 ounce spray bottle, One bottle

Our Product Number: D-UNS-59449200-E
Price: $18.99 USD

Product Description

Dermal Wound Cleanser is a non-toxic, non-irritating, no-rinse, first-aid antiseptic wound cleanser

  • Contains the active antimicrobial ingredient Benzethonium Chloride to help prevent bacterial contamination in minor cuts, scrapes and burns
  • Contains Polysorbate 20, a gentle yet effective surfactant, that makes cleansing of the skin and wound quick and easy
  • Ideal for washing small superficial wounds and aids in the removal of exudate and other foreign material such as dirt and debris from skin and wounds
  • Easy to use, adjustable nozzle trigger-spray bottle that allows for gently dislodging wound debris and slough with a direct stream or irrigating the wound with the use of a fine mist spray

One bottle