Smith & Nephew 20201 Acticoat 3 with Nanocrystalline Silver - 4 inch x 8 inch, Box of 12 dressings

Our Product Number: MD-UNS-20201-B12
Price: $350.59 USD

Product Description

Acticoat 3 Antimicrobial Barrier Dressing is an effective barrier to bacterial penetration. Acticoat 3 consists of three layers: an absorbent inner core sandwiched between outer layers of silver coated, low adherent polyethylene net. Nanocrystalline Silver* protects the wound site from bacterial colonization while the inner core helps maintain moist wound environment. The Nanocrystalline Silver* coating of pure silver delivers antimicrobial barrier activity within 30 minutes - faster than other forms of silver. The sustained release of silver ensures that Acticoat remains effective for a up to 3 days.

*Nanocrystalline Silver is a patented technology of NUCRYST Pharmaceuticals Corp.

Box of 12 dressings