SCA 36066 TENA Comfort Pants, XXLarge/XXXLarge, Peach, 38" - 62" Waist, Package of 2 pants

Our Product Number: DD-SCA-36066-P2
Price: $8.59 USD

Product Description

TENA Comfort Pants have a clothing-like design that provides comfort, dignity and security for the wearer

  • Designed to support and hold TENA pads securely in place
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Single color coded waistband for quick and easy size selection
  • Deep waistband and seamless sides construction for improved comfort and discreet fit
  • High "Stretch Memory" material design prevents sagging during wear for longer lasting comfort and secure pad protection without shifting
  • Non-binding leg hem design helps prevent "red leg lines" on the skin surface to protect skin
  • More defined crotch to better hold the TENA pads in place
  • Washable and reusable up to 50+ times under recommended laundering conditions

Package of 2 pants

TENA pads for Pad and Pant System are available as
TENA Day Pads