Safe N Simple SNS52222 Simpurity Collagen Wound Dressing - 2 inch x 2 inch, Box of 5 dressings

Our Product Number: D-SNS52222-B5
Price: $78.69 USD

Product Description

Simpurity Collagen Wound Dressing is a high exudate absorption and retention dressing that provides a moist wound healing environment
  • Like human connective tissue, Simpurity Collagen wound dressings are rich in Type One Collagen with a unique porous structure that provides excellent absorption and scaffolding for cell proliferation and migration
  • Consists of lyophilized medical grade bovine collagen presenting as a clean, white, single layered sponge
  • Undergoes an exclusive purification process and is highly biocompatible as a result
  • Low antigenic collagen will minimize an immune reaction
  • Glutaraldehyde-free cross linking process reduces immunogenicity
  • Atelocollagen enhances low inflammatory potential
  • Soft and highly flexible for easy application and superior conformity
  • Creates a soft conformable gel on contact with wound fluid
  • Highly biocompatible porous scaffold encourages healing
  • Cross linking process increases mechanical strength and moderates enzymatic digestion
  • May be used as a hemostatic dressing
  • 100%, non-bleached, native undigested bovine collagen

Box of 5 dressings