Roscoe CPM-DENSK DreamEasy Nasal CPAP Accessory, One

Our Product Number: E-ROS-CPMDENSK-EA
Price: $95.00 USD

Product Description

The DreamEasy Nasal CPAP provides a superior seal with its removable Comfort Cushion that conforms around the nose and facial contours for a comfortable night's rest. Equipped with a 360-degree rotational elbow and standard 22 mm tubing connector allowing for freedom of movement when sleeping. Comfortable forehead silicone pad diffuses any pressure. Quick-release clips allow for easy removal of the mask without readjusting the headgear. Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. 

  • Extremely lightweight and durable
  • Flexible design allows for freedom of movement while maintaining a secure fit
  • Headgear with Velcro fasteners provide maximum versatility and movement
  • 360° rotational elbow with standard 22 mm tubing connector
  • The Comfort Cushion made with medical liquid silicone is completely odorless
  • Comfort Cushion can be removed for easy cleaning
  • Ergonomic design is airtight
  • Vent hole provides effective CO2 washout
  • Mask is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • Latex-free