Randob 30103-0460 Balmex Adult Advantage Zinc Oxide Skin Relief Rash Cream, 12 ounce jar, One jar

Our Product Number: E-30103-0460-EA
Price: $18.69 USD

Product Description

Balmex AdultCare Rash Cream is designed specifically to soothe and protect skin from the irritation, chafing, and rash caused by bladder leakage.

  • Active ingredient: Zinc Oxide 11.3%
  • Vitamin E soothes and improves the healthy look of skin
  • Exclusive ActivGuard technology neutralizes irritants
  • Proven to reduce redness with first use
  • Helps relieve and prevent rashes and irritation due to wetness from incontinence
  • Protects chafed skin due to irritation and helps seal out wetness

One jar