MPM Medical MP00031 MPM Wound and Skin Cleanser - 8 ounce spray bottle, One bottle

Our Product Number: K-MPM-MP00031-E
Price: $12.49 USD

Product Description

MPM Wound and Skin Cleanser is a mild emulsifying wound cleanser for removing particulate matter and other debris from dermal wounds without harm to living tissue

  • Non-toxic to the cellular components of blood
  • Non-irritating and non-sensitizing to skin, eyes and mucosal surfaces
  • Emulsifies urine and stool for easy removal
  • Reduces odor
  • Requires no rinsing
  • Contains Purified water, K-sorbate, sorbitol, plantareen 2000, suttocide A, CMOM hydantoin, phosphoric acid and poloxamer 188

One bottle