Molnlycke Health Care 282055 Mepilex Border Sacrum Foam Dressing with Adhesive - 6.3 inch x 7.9 inch, One dressing

Our Product Number: DK-MOL-282055-EA
Price: $21.69 USD

Product Description


Mepilex® Border sacrum foam dressing minimizes pain and trauma at dressing changes.

  • Safetac® technology layer: Reduces pain and trauma during dressing changes, does not adhere to the moist wound bed, only to dry skin, seals the wound margins and reduces risk of maceration.
  • Polyurethane backing film: Moisture vapor permeable, moisture proof, bacteria and viral barrier.
  • Multi-layered absorbent foam pad: Retention layer stores exudate, non-woven layer spreads and retains fluid, absorption layer transfers exudate to layers above.
  • Improved fluid handling: Reduces risk of leakage and maceration.
  • Benefits: Atraumatic to the wound and surrounding skin on removal, adheres gently and securely to dry, intact surrounding skin, maintains a moist wound environment, minimizes the risk of maceration, designed for ease of use and patient comfort.
  • Wear time: Up to seven days.
  • Sterile.