Molnlycke 610100 Mextra Absorbent Dressing - 4 inch x 6 inch, Box of 10 dressings

Our Product Number: M-MOL-610100-B10
Price: $78.79 USD

Product Description

Mextra Absorbent Dressing is intended for use on moderately to heavily exuding wounds
  • Absorbs wound exudate through the wound contact layer, retains the exudate within the core and minimizes the risk for maceration
  • Fluid-repellent nonwoven backing acts as a barrier and prevents exudate strike-through
  • Unique 4-layer construction works in a precise sequence to deliver optimal performance
  • At its core is the absorbent layer that comprises the optimal amounts of fibres and superabsorbent particles that bring about outstanding absorption and retention
  • Absorbent layer does not become bulky or disintegrate upon exudate absorption
  • Outer layer remains dry and comfortable

Box of 10 dressings