Molnlycke 498450 Mepilex Ag Post Op Border Dressing, 4 inch x 10 inch, Box of 5

Our Product Number: K-MOL-498450-B5
Price: $354.79 USD

Product Description

Mepilex Border Post-Op Ag antimicrobial post-operative dressing is conformable and easy to use. It's designed for acute surgical wounds that can benefit from an antimicrobial action. The impregnated silver sulphate particles create an antimicrobial action that helps that has been shown through in vitro testing to reduce bioburden after 30 minutes, killing 99.9% of a wide range of bacteria for up to seven days 

This all-in-one bordered foam silver dressing design includes Safetac
the original less-pain contact layer with silicone adhesion.  
Mepilex Border Post-Op Ag absorbs more than other brand of post-op dressings, without leaking, which minimizes the risk of maceration and limits how often you need to change the dressing.

  • Helps reduce surgical site infections  

  • Support patient mobility  


  • Provides a broad and sustained antimicrobial effect 

  • minimizes pain during dressing changes