Molnlycke 272500 Mepore Self-Adhesive Transparent Film Dressing - 4" x 10" (10 x 25cm), Box of 20 dressings

Our Product Number: D-MOL-272500-B20
Price: $116.39 USD

Product Description

Mepore Film is a transparent self-adhesive film dressing ideal as secondary fixation dressing and as primary dressing for a wide range of clean wounds. Mepore Film's application system is designed for ease-of-use.

Mepore Film provides a flexible, transparent covering to protect the wound, while conforming to surface irregularities and body contours. The film provides a barrier to fluid strike-through and viral and bacterial contamination.

Mepore Film maintains a moist environment in the wound. Thanks to its high vapor permeability, Mepore Film allows excess moisture to pass away from the wound and surrounding skin.

Mepore Film features:

  • supporting protection foil and paper frame for ease of application
  • transparent, breathable, elastic polyurethane film for patient comfort and optimized wound healing
  • viral and bacteria proof film, impermeable to fluids, for a safe and protective environment
  • skin-friendly polyacrylic adhesive for gentle and secure fixation

Box of 20 dressings