Medline NONEX0023F Sorbex Sterile Absorbent Dressings 2 inch x 3 inch with Slit, Box of 50

Our Product Number: L-MED-NONEX0023F-B50
Price: $144.49 USD

Product Description

  • SORBEXTM is a highly absorbent primary or secondary wound dressing with non-adherent outer layer that does not stick to wounds or causes trauma to wound sites during dressing changes
  • This wound dressing softly conforms to body contours
  • Thick fluff absorbs fluid and provides cushioning to protect the wound
  • Cellulose sheets wick away and absorb fluid
  • Hydrophobic layer to prevent strike through; blue backside makes proper placement intuitive
  • SORBEX is designed for patients with ulcers, pressure sores, surgical incisions, and 1st or 2nd degree burns