Medline MSC9348EPZ MSC9348EP SilvaSorb AntiMicrobial Absorbent Sheet - 4" x 8", One dressing

Our Product Number: D-MED-MSC9348EPZ-E
Price: $37.19 USD

Product Description

SilvaSorb AntiMicrobial Absorbent Sheet:

  • Silvasorb harnesses the power of ionic silver by releasing silver at a controlled level for broad spectrum antimicrobial action, without harming tissue cells
  • The ionic silver is suspended in the Silvasorb dressing to control its release over a period of up to seven days
  • Offers antimicrobial protection over a broad spectrum of bacteria and fungi, including MRSA and VRE
  • Can be left in place for longer periods of time compared to other wound dressings, even on heavily draining wounds
  • Advanced fluid management helps provide a moist, wound healing environment for the full spectrum of wounds
  • Dressings are 20% water, giving them the unique ability to donate moisture when needed
  • Kills microbes, but is completely biocompatible with the tissue cells of healing
  • Made of special polymer that absorbs more than five times its weight in fluid
  • It will not dry out a wound and it will not macerate the surrounding skin
  • Latex-free and sterile

One dressing