Medline MSC6144 SkinTegrity Hydrogel Gauze - 4" x 4", 12 ply, Case of 30 packs, Total 60 dressings

Our Product Number: D-MSC6144-C30
Price: $138.79 USD

Product Description

SkinTegrity Hydrogel Gauze features hydrogel that is compression saturated onto gauze sponges, ensuring thorough coverage

  • Special hydrogel formulation, with added aloe, balances viscosity and hydration
  • Coated with hydrogel to help pack deep or tunneling wounds and keep the wound hydrated
  • Helps create a moist wound environment and helps enhance healing process
  • Contains soothing aloe-vera to help maintain a moist environment and promote natural healing
  • Easy irrigation and not harmful to tissue
  • Unfolded gauze sponges easily conform to wounds
  • Sterile

Case of 30 packs. Each pack contains two gauze sponges for a total of 60 gauze sponges.