Lohmann & Rauscher 24502 Vliwasorb Super Absorbent Dressing, 4 inch x 8 inch, Box of 10

Our Product Number: K-LR-24502-B10
Price: $31.79 USD

Product Description

Superabsorbent polymers absorb many times their own weight in liquid and scarcely release any retained exudate, even under mechanical pressure. The wound edges are protected from maceration. Vliwasorb can be used to excellent effect under compression bandages.

Vliwasorb saves time and money thanks to fewer required dressing changes. Less frequent dressing changes allow wounds to rest longer. The absorption and retention of microbes in the wound dressing reduces the risk of infection. The absorption of exudate, slough and debris aids in wound cleansing and the moist wound environment promotes wound healing.