L&R 33224 Debrisoft Lolly Wound Debridement Device, Box of 5 devices

Our Product Number: L-LR-33224-B5
Price: $145.59 USD

Product Description

Debrisoft Lolly has been developed for the debridement of deep wounds, including those resulting from invasive surgery. This innovative L&R product is very easy to use and the debridement outcome is excellent, even in hard-to-reach areas.

Debrisoft is a quick, effective and virtually painless method of debridement producing rapidly visible results in 2-4 minutes which speak for themselves. Synthetic fiber pile absorbs and removes debris from the wound bed and surrounding skin. Debrisoft's precision cut pile spares viable granulation and epithelial tissue.


  • Ideal for deep wounds and hard to reach areas
  • Removes debris effectively, quickly and easily
  • Spares newly formed granulation tissue and already established epithelial cells
  • High patient acceptance, because it is virtually painless to use

Box of 5 devices