Kendall Covidien 3310 LF TED Anti-Embolism Compression Stockings, White, Medium, Short Leg, (D), Thigh High, Inspection Toe LatexFree, One Pair

Our Product Number: DDL-KND-3310LF-E
Price: $27.29 USD

Product Description


Thigh Circumference (at buttock fold) Measurement: Less than 25" around

Calf Circumference (at biggest point): Measurement: 12" - 15"around.
Length (from heel to buttock fold) Measurement: Less than 29" long.Designed to reduce venous stasis in the entire leg. The clinically-proven graduated compression pattern from ankle to upper thigh helps ensure optimum blood flow velocity.  

  • Clinically-proven graduated compression pattern from ankle to upper thigh.
  • Inlay circumferential knit.
  • Contoured seamless construction.
  • Interrupted band and functional gusset minimizes stocking slippage without constricting circulation.
  • Pressure break at popliteal protects critical popliteal area and promotes free leg movement.
  • Distinctive stitch pattern in knee area assists in correct positioning.
  • Defined heel pocket facilitates application and ensures correct stocking placement.
  • Inspection toe opening provides easy access for medical examination.
  • Unique soft material enhances patient comfort.

One pair