Human BioSciences ST1002 SkinTemp II Dressing - 3 inch x 4 inch, One dressing

Our Product Number: D-BCR-ST1002-E
Price: $53.99 USD

Product Description

SkinTemp II is a porous collagen membrane attached to a unique composite nylon mesh. The collagen sheet remains in close contact with the wound, enabling a faster absorption and better recovery, after the nylon mesh is detached from the sheet. It comprises of a collagen fibrous network similar to the dermis which acts by:

  • Sterile, hypoallergenic, non-toxic.
  • Forms a protective anti-bacterial barrier to avoid infection.
  • Biodegradable, reduces water, electrolytes and heat loss.
  • Controls fluid in light, moderate or heavily exudating wounds.
  • Conforms to the wound closely.
  • Acts as a hemostatic agent.
  • Its structure promotes the growth of fibro-vascular tissue.

One dressing