Human BioSciences MF2001 Medifil II Particles, Sterile - 1 gm, One vial

Our Product Number: D-BC-MF2001-E
Price: $48.69 USD

Product Description

Medifil II particles are spherically designed particles that consist of 100% bovine, native collagen prepared using our proprietary Kollagen technology. Each gram of Kollagen particle absorbs approximately 40 to 60 times its weight in fluid. The particles smaller diameter provides excellent contact and increases the rate of absorption, allowing improved recovery of wounds. Medifil II Particles remove exudates which also results in reduction of inflammation, edema and helps prevent scarring. The resulting moist environment that allows gaseous exchange is conducive to the normal healing process.

Collagen is known to have antimicrobial properties. Hence, Medifil II Particles help prevent microbial infection. These sterile, hypoallergic, biodegradable particles conform to the wounds closely and are capable of controlling fluid in minimal to moderately exudating wounds. The structure also promotes the growth of fibro-vascular tissue and reduces the loss of water, electrolytes and heat from the wound.

One vial