Hollister 9778 Wound Drainage Collector, with FlexWear Skin Barrier, Non-Sterile - Large wounds up to 4" x 8", One collector

Our Product Number: D-HOL-9778-E
Price: $43.99 USD

Product Description

For wounds up to 4 inches x 8 inches. Flexwear Skin Barrier is a cross-linked hydrocolloid skin barrier that provides aggressive adherence to the skin. It is designed to be durable in the presence of corrosive fluids. Protects periwound skin; exclusive cross-linked skin barrier absorbs exudate and adheres/conforms to body contours. Keeps patient dry and comfortable by collecting exudate, eliminating odor and conforming to the wound site. Easy to use and cost effective; cut the skin barrier to fit the exact wound size/shape; stays in-situ up to 7 days.

One collector