Hartmann 932452 Peha-haft Absorbent Cohesive Conforming Gauze Bandage, Latex-Free - 1 inch x 4(1/2) yards, Box of 8 rolls

Our Product Number: K-932452-B8
Price: $12.79 USD

Product Description

Hartmann Peha-haft® Latex-Free Absorbent Cohesive Conforming Gauze Bandage is ideal for use as a first aid dressing, secondary dressing or retention bandage and for securing primary dressings, splints, IVs, leads and catheters.

  • It offers a combination of light absorption, gentle support and conformability.
  • This bandage reduces risk of sensitivity, especially on delicate or traumatized skin.
  • Is soft and woven with a unique blend of soft gauze and cohesive fibers.
  • Ideal for use on delicate or traumatized skin when tape cannot be used or on difficult-to-dress areas such as joints.
  • Can be worn comfortably for long periods of time with less risk of rolling or constricting.
  • Adheres to itself, never to skin or hair, without pins, clips or tape.
  • Remains secure while using less materials and fewer layers.
  • Superior cohesiveness.

One roll