Hartmann 49200000 Sorbalgon Calcium Alginate Dressing, 2 inch x 2 inch, One dressing

Our Product Number: K-HTM-49200000-EA
Price: $3.29 USD

Product Description

Hartmann Sorbalgon® Calcium Alginate Dressing is a soft, highly absorbent dressing that quickly forms a hydrophilic gel to protect and cover the wound bed. Water evaporates from the gel, helping to keep wounds clean. Holds its form even when wet for easy removal and dressing changes.

  • Maintains contact with the wound base reducing the potential of a moist chamber
  • Avoids pain during dressing changes
  • Protects wound edges against maceration
  • Supports the healing of bleeding wounds
  • May be left in place several days
  • Maintains a moist wound environment
  • Forms a hydrophilic gel
  • Highly absorbent
  • Holds together wet or dry
  • Benefits: Keeps its form while absorbing more than 14 times its weight, easy to remove
  • Uses: For treatment of ulcus cruris venosum, decubitus, abscesses, furuncles, burns and for difficult-to-treat wounds in accident or tumour surgery; for deep wounds and fistula passages
  • Sterile and Latex-free

One dressing