Hartmann 14500000 Proximel Silicone Multi-Layer Bordered Dressing, 4 inch x 12 inch, Box of 5

Our Product Number: K-HTM-14500000-B5
Price: $77.69 USD

Product Description

Proximel silicone wound dressings feature a unique five-layer design that promotes healing and supports pressure injury prevention by quickly and effectively managing wound exudate while reducing and redistributing pressure at the injury site.

  • High MVTR rate supports high-absorption capacity and good moisture balance
  • Super-absorbent core supports fast absorption and helps minimize maceration risk
  • Reduces and redistributes pressure across the surface to reduce both peak and overall level of force
  • Gentle on skin to reduce irritation and pain, enabling the dressing to be changed without stripping epidermal cells
  • Can be lifted or repositioned without leakage or loosening
  • Small perforations in the absorptive pad reduce risks of in-growth
  • Evenly distributes fluid across dressing
  • Waterproof barrier seals out bacteria

Box of 5 dressings