Hartmann 10340000 TWBC1034 Colactive Plus Ag Collagen with Silver Dressing - 4 inch x 4 inch, One dressing

Our Product Number: K-HTM-TWBC1034-EA
Price: $29.89 USD

Product Description

Colactive Plus Collagen Dressing is a wound dressing ideal for the management of acute and chronic wounds
  • Targets and deactivates excess MMP's in two ways to create a suitable environment for wound healing
  • Reduces infection risk by controlling bio-burden
  • Contains alginate and CMC to optimize moisture management
  • Gels with moisture on contact providing improved comfort by creating a soothing, cooling effect upon application
  • Restarts the healing process fast
  • Absorbs up to 40 times its weight in wound drainage, while still maintaining an optimal moisture balance for wound closure, making it an excellent choice for heavily exuding wounds
  • Easy to use and is highly conformable
  • Sterile

Box of 10 dressings