Ferris 7405 PolyMem Adhesive Cloth Island Dressing - 4 inch x 5 inch with 2 inch x 3 inch pad, One dressing

Our Product Number: K-FMC-7405-E
Price: $12.69 USD

Product Description

PolyMem Adhesive Cloth Island Dressing consists of a polyurethane membrane matrix on a semi-permeable, thin-film backing. The hydrophilic membrane contains a cleanser, a moisturizer, and a super-absorbent, starch, co-polymer. The dressing protects the wound as it facilitates the body's natural healing process.

  • Can be effectively used on most common wound type.
  • Features four key wound healing capabilities including cleanse, fill, absorb and moisten.
  • Soft and comfortable adhesive.
  • Standard, hydrophilic polyurethane membrane matrix with a semi-permeable, continuous, thin-film dressing.

One dressing