Ferris 1814 PolyMem WIC Silver Rope Dressing - 0.4 inch x 14 inch, Box of 6 dressings

Our Product Number: K-FMC-1814-B6
Price: $85.39 USD

Product Description

PolyMem® WIC® Silver Rope Dressing is made of a hydrophilic, polyurethane membrane matrix, but is reinforced with a medical-grade mesh to enhance the strength of the dressing for use in deep, tunneling wounds to assure easy and complete removal.
  • Expands within the wound cavity to fill dead space, keeping the wound bed clean and moisturized while abosrobing excess fluid.
  • Small particle silver provides an antimicrobial reservoir in the dressing.
  • Fast, super-absorbent wicking.
  • Can be applied using a facility-supplied applicator stick.
  • Perforated for ease of use and can be cut to size.

Box of 6 dressings