Ferris 1766 PolyMem Adhesive Cloth with Silver Island Dressing - 6 inch x 6 inch with 3(1/2) inch x 3(1/2) inch pad, Box of 15 dressings

Our Product Number: M-FMC-1766-B15
Price: $295.69 USD

Product Description

PolyMem Adhesive Cloth with Silver Island Dressings are composed of a hydrophilic, polyurethane membrane matrix and semi-permeable, polyurethane, continuous, thin-film backing which is optimized for oxygen and moisture vapor permeability and as a barrier to liquids. They are the only dressings that contain a safe, non-toxic cleanser, a moisturizer, and absorbing agent silver, all in the polyurethane matrix.
  • Wound exudate absorbed into dressing liberates silver ions.
  • Formulation includes nanocrystalline, small particle silver to protect against microbial contamination.
Box of 15 dressings