Eloquest Health Care 496052306 Mastisol Liquid Adhesive, 2 ounce bottle, One bottle

Our Product Number: K-ELQ-496052306-E
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Product Description

Mastisol Liquid Adhesive is a liquid medical adhesive used to secure dressings, tapes, and certain medical devices. Mastisol ensures the integrity of these tapes and devices over an extended period of time.

  • Proven holding power clinically proven to improve the adhesive power of a variety of tapes and dressings
  • Versatile application: Ideal for use with devices, tapes and dressings
  • Non-water soluble: Swim, shower and sweat without loss of adhesion
  • Superior safety: Reduced risk of allergic contact dermatitis vs other liquid adhesive products
  • Clear formulation: Will not stain the skin/clothes
  • Latex-free

One bottle

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