DermaRite 49220 ComfortFoam/Ag Silver No Border Foam Dressing - 2 inch x 2 inch, Box of 10 dressings

Our Product Number: K-DMR-49220-B10
Price: $84.49 USD

Product Description

ComfortFoam/Ag is a self-adherent silicone foam dressing with silver, a vapor permeable waterproof backing, and a soft silicone wound contact surface. It absorbs exudate, maintains a moist wound healing environment and has good antibacterial preservative properties. ComfortFoam/Ag foam dressing consists of 0.25~0.35mg/cm2 of silver ions that demonstrate in vitro antibacterial preservative effectiveness within the dressing for up to 7 days. The silicone adhesive sticks to surrounding skin but not to the wound bed, minimizing pain and the risk of damage to the wound area.


  • Silicone adhesive is gentle to both wound bed and skin for safe, easy removal
  • May be cut to fit wound site
  • Absorbs exudate while minimizing the risk of maceration
  • Supports moist wound healing
  • Can be safely worn for several days, depending on wound condition and exudate levels
  • Silver helps to reduce bacterial colonization in the dressing

Indications for the management of exuding wounds, including:

  • Leg and foot ulcers
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Traumatic and surgical wounds
  • Superficial and partial thickness burns

Box of 10 dressings