DermaRite 16240 DermaView II Island Transparent Film Dressing - 2.75 inch x 4 inch, Box of 50 dressings

Our Product Number: K-DMR-16240-B50
Price: $53.69 USD

Product Description

DermaView II Island is a semi-permeable transparent adhesive film dressing with a non-adherent absorbent pad. Waterproof outer film is permeable to moisture vapor and oxygen, and helps keep contaminants out. Picture frame border allows for easy application. Conforms easily to awkward to dress wound sites.


  • Self-adherent
  • Waterproof - safe for showering
  • Flexible and conformable
  • Picture frame border for easy application
  • Transparent outer layer allows for easy monitoring of periwound condition and exudate levels
  • Sterile

Indications: May be used as a primary or secondary dressing for the management of minimally exudating wounds, including:

  • Non-infected wounds
  • Partial thickness ulcers
  • Full-thickness ulcers

Box of 50 dressings