Derma Sciences GLC10 SurgiGrip Tubular Elastic Support Bandage, Latex-Free, 2(3/4)" for adult hands, arms, leg - 11 yard roll, One roll

Our Product Number: KD-GLN-GLC10-E
Price: $57.29 USD

Product Description

SurgiGrip is a convenient alternative to flat wrap bandages. SurgiGrip is a latex-free tubular elastic bandage that provides support and compression for a variety of indications. It is made from cotton knit interlaced with elastic threads. SurgiGrip is soft and comfortable, and is neither too thin nor overly compressive. SurgiGrip has 8-12 mm Hg compression at 50% strength. SurgiGrip is a convenient alternative to flat wrap bandages and stays in place without clips or tape. It is machine washable.

SurgiGrip latex-free is supplied in a dispenser box containing an 11-yard roll (10 meters). Application is simply a matter of cutting an appropriate length from the roll and pulling it on to the patient. For added compression, SurgiGrip may be doubled back over itself (with care taken not to be excessively constrictive). To facilitate application, particularly where the wound area is tender or covered by a bulky bandage, a metal cage-style applicator is available.

One roll