Derma Sciences GL2003 Unna Pak 3" Primer Unna Boot and Co-Press Self-adherent, Case 12

Our Product Number: D-DMS-2003-C12
Price: $187.31 USD

Product Description

Unna-Pak® with Primer® Compression Bandage offers the combined support and healing power of two bandages: the Primer® Modified Unna Boot and Coflex® Self-Adhering Bandage. It is ideal for treating venous stasis leg ulcers, lymphatic edema, minor sprains, strains, fractures, thrombophlebitis, eczema of the lower leg, and skin grafts on burn wounds.

  • Unna-Pak® Compression Bandage is lightweight, strong and easy to apply.
  • Primer® Modified Unna Boot is 10 yds. long
  • Co-Flex Self-Adherent Bandage is 5 yds. long
  • Latex-free
  • Beige

    Case of 12 GL-2003