Derma Sciences 88522 Algicell Ag Calcium Alginate Silver Dressing - 2 inch x 2 inch, Box of 10 dressings

Our Product Number: EK-DMS-88522-B10
Price: $45.59 USD

Product Description

Algicell Ag is designed to absorb a large amount of wound exudates typically seen in wounds with high bioburden, while also gelling for easy pain-free removal from wounds. ALGICELL Ag is comprised of a proprietary blend of mannuronic (high gelling) and guluronic (high wet-strength) alginic acids. The dressings high absorption capacity also helps to reduce the risk of tissue maceration and allows for increased time between dressing changes. While other gelling dressings tend to lose their physical integrity and fall apart making dressing removal time consuming, ALGICELL Ag keeps its physical integrity, allowing for easier removal and clean-up during dressing changes. Unlike other products, ALGICELL Ag does not leave any silver coated nylon thread residue in the wound upon removal of the dressing.

Box of 10 dressings