Derma Sciences 86466 Xtrasorb Super Absorbent Hydrogel Dressing with Adhesive Border - 6" x 6", Sterile, Box of 10 dressings

Our Product Number: M-DMS-86466-B10
Price: $199.99 USD

Product Description

Xtrasorb Super Absorbent Hydrogel Dressing with Adhesive Border is a hydrogel colloidal sheet dressing that is ideal for use with dry to moderately exuding wounds

  • A smart dressing" for changing wound conditions, the hydrogel colloidal sheet gels as it absorbs, locking in wound fluid to keep its harmful components away from the wound and surrounding tissue
  • The addition of Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (a key ingredient in traditional hydrocolloids and the base component in hydrofiber), along with our patented SAP gel formulation to an equal amount of our water/glycerin hydrogel base, helps this unique dressing offer hydration to non-exuding and lightly exuding wounds, while also delivering superior absorption capabilities for moderately exuding wounds
  • 50% water content means cooling and soothing upon application like traditional hydrogels
  • Extremely conformable, even on difficult-to-dress areas
  • 100% atraumatic adhesion across the wound contact surface of the dressing provides adherence to the wound without disrupting the wound bed upon removal
  • Completely clear for easier wound observation
  • Gelatin-free dressing, so there is no associated odor common with standard hydrocolloids
  • Adhesive border provides additional wound protection
  • Sheet is designed with a super-absorbent polymer-based hybrid of a hydrogel and hydrocolloid
  • Sterile

Box of 10 dressings