Derma Sciences 84344 Sorbacell Foam Dressing, 4 inch x 4 inch, Box of 10

Our Product Number: D-DMS-84344-B10
Price: $58.49 USD

Product Description

Derma Sciences Sorbacell® Foam Dressing is the advanced, wound care cover dressing of choice for moderately to heavily exuding wounds. The polyurethane foam sheet is hydrophilic in nature, so it can absorb a large amount of fluid, and provide a soft and cushioning layer for added patient comfort. It needs a secondary dressing or tape to hold it in place.

  • Sorbacell® Foam Dressing does not have an outer film layer.
  • Easy for clinicians to apply and to remove with minimal trauma to the patient and to the wound bed.
  • Ideal for use under compression.