Derma Sciences 31535 MediHoney Hydrocolloid Wound Filler Paste - 3.5 ounce tube, One tube

Our Product Number: ELD-DMS-31535-E
Price: $48.69 USD

Product Description

MediHoney Hydrocolloid Wound Filler Paste

  • Contains 100% Active Leptospermum Honey
  • Optimal for deep tunneled or undermined wounds
  • Beneficial throughout all phases of wound healing
  • Effective in the management of wounds and burns
  • Ideal for use in hard-to-dress wounds and other wounds that would normally require a gel or paste
  • Helps wounds that have stalled under first-line treatment to progress towards healing
  • Maintains a moist environment conducive to wound healing and assists in autolytic debridement
  • High osmotic potential and low pH
  • All natural and non-toxic honey dressing
  • An optional accessory applicator tip comes in each box, to help facilitate application into tough-to-reach areas
  • Latex-Free

One tube