Crawford CWL1009 KerraLite Cool Hydrogel Moisture Balancing Dressing, Adhesive Border - 6 inch x 6 inch, Box of 5 dressings

Our Product Number: D-CWL1009-B5
Price: $62.49 USD

Product Description

KerraLite Cool Hydrogel Moisture Balancing Dressing is a soothing, debriding and moisturizing dressing that provides the ideal environment for managing lightly exuding sloughy wounds
  • Strong, transparent hydrogel that is impermeable to external contaminants such as bacteria, but permeable to moisture
  • Maintains the correct balance of moisture for effective wound healing
  • Cool and soothing to the touch, dressing does not dry out or stick to the underlying tissue on removal, reducing the risk of maceration
  • Easy-to-use, comfortable and cost-effective
  • Box of 5 dressings