Covidien (Formerly Kendall) 4572 TED Anti-embolism Compression Stockings, Black, Small Circumference, Long Leg, Knee High, Closed Toe, One Pair

Our Product Number: DV-KND-4572-PA
Price: $25.99 USD

Product Description

Circumference: Measurement less than 12" around. Length: Measurement greater than 16" long.

T.E.D Knee-Length Anti-Embolism Stockings for continuing care -- nylon, full-foot closed toe. Calf circumference determines size. Distance from bend of knee to bottom of heel determines length.

  • Designed for continued care of the recuperating patient.
  • Knee-length compression stockings designed for continued care of the recuperating patient
  • Provides graduated compression -- Clinically proven to reduce thromboembolic disease
  • Improves blood flow through the femoral vein and reduce the chances of blood clots

One pair