Covidien 8884437305 437305 Xeroform Non-Occlusive (previously Xeroflo) Gauze Roll - 4" x 3 yard roll, One roll

Our Product Number: D-KND-8884437305-E
Price: $15.89 USD

Product Description

Xeroform Non-Occlusive (previously Xeroflo) contains 3% bismuth tribromophenate in a water-in-oil emulsion on fine mesh gauze. Xeroform Non-Occlusive (previously Xeroflo) has a non-adherent construction that clings and conforms in situations with minimal to heavy exudate. Sterile.

This product also has a product number of 8884437201

One roll

Xeroflo Gauze Dressing by Kendall is now Xeroform Non-Occlusive Gauze Dressing by Covidien. Before being Xeroflo Gauze Dressing by Kendall, it was Xeroflo by Sherwood Medical.