Covidien 7084 Curity (formerly Kendall Excilon) Dressing Sponges - 4 inch x 4 inch, 6-ply, Sterile 2's, Box of 25 packages

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Product Description

Curity (formerly Excilon) Dressing Sponges

  • Exclusive tri-laminate polyester-rayon-polyester sandwich design eliminates trauma caused by rayon in contact with tissue
  • Highly absorbent, fast wicking fabric promotes drier wound site
  • Superior absorbency helps reduce infections and decrease the frequency of dressing changes
  • Unique diamond pattern limits unwanted adhesion to tissue to prevent trauma
  • Use of garment-grade polyester limits adhesion
  • Premium 6 ply dressing creates better absorbency
  • Sterile

Two gauze sponges per package, 25 packages per box for a total of 50 sponges per box

Curity Sponge by Covidien was previously Excilon Sponge by Kendall.