Covidien 55512AMD Kendall AMD Antimicrobial Foam Disc, 1 inch Diameter, 7mm Hole, Box of 10 dressings

Our Product Number: D-KND-55512AMD-B10
Price: $141.59 USD

Product Description

Kendall AMD Antimicrobial Foam Discs provide an ideal dressing to cover insertion sites of percutaneous devices including vascular and non-vascular catheters. This highly absorbent, non-linting dressing is designed to provide protection and cushioning at these sites. Kendall AMD antimicrobial foam discs are semi-occlusive allowing the exchange of gases such as oxygen and water vapor. The soft flexible nature of the Kendall AMD antimicrobial foam discs allow them to conform easily to all body contours. Kendall AMD antimicrobial foam discs are non-adherent and non-drying, making dressing changes easy and minimizing pain. Kendall AMD antimicrobial foam discs contain the antimicrobial agent Polyhexamethylene Biguanide Hydrochloride (PHMB), and provide an antimicrobial barrier to microbial penetration through the dressing and prevents both colonization and proliferation of microbes within the dressing for up to seven days.

Box of 10 dressings