Convatec 421557 FoamLite Adhesive Dressing, Square - 3(1/4) inch x 3(1/4) inch, Box of 10 dressings

Our Product Number: DK-SQB-421557-B10
Price: $85.29 USD

Product Description

FoamLite Adhesive Dressing is designed specifically for the management of low to non-exuding chronic and acute wounds. It is a sterile, thin foam dressing with a breathable film and perforated, gentle, skin friendly silicone adhesive. FoamLite dressing is flexible and conforms to the body even in awkward to dress positions.

Exudate assists healing:

  • Prevents wound bed from drying out
  • Aids migration of tissue-repairing cells
  • Provides essential nutrients for cell metabolism
  • Assists separation of dead or damaged tissue(autolysis)

Excess exudate may:

  • Cause maceration of surrounding tissue
  • Delay or prevent wound healing
  • Cause subsequent breakdown and further deterioration of the wound bed

Box of 10 dressings