Convatec 420648 Aquacel Ag Silver Silicone Adhesive Foam Dressing - Sacral, 8 inch x 7 inch Overall, 4.5 inch x 5.3 inch Pad, Box of 5 dressings

Our Product Number: D-SQB-420648-B5
Price: $390.99 USD

Product Description

Aquacel Ag Silver Adhesive Foam Dressing
  • Only silver foam dressing that offers the moist wound healing benefits of an Aquacel Ag interface
  • Waterproof/Bacteria Barrier provides evaporation of excess moisture and a waterproof, bacterial and viral barrier dressing
  • Soft Foam pad absorbs fluid
  • Aquacel Ag interface gels on contact with wound exudate to maintain a moist environment
  • Silicone adhesive border provides secure skin-friendly adhesion

Box of 5 dressings