Convatec 187990 DuoDerm Hydroactive Gel - 15 gm, Sterile, One tube

Our Product Number: V-SQB-187990-E
Price: $14.59 USD

Product Description

DuoDerm Hydroactive Sterile Gel is a clear, preservative-free, viscous hydrogel that incorporates a unique ConvaTec hydrocolloid formulation that distinguishes it from other hydrocolloid dressings. It is indicated for the management of partial and full-thickness wounds, ideally as a filler for dry cavity wounds to provide a moist healing environment.

  • Clear hydrocolloid gel releases moisture into dry wounds and absorbs more than double its weight in exudate; depending on condition of wound environment.
  • Can be used as a primary dressing; and is indicated for both chronic and acute wounds, and skin conditions.

One tube