Coloplast 7912 InterDry Ag Textile with Silver Complex, 10 inch x 36 inch (3 feet), One sheet

Our Product Number: MD-COL-7912-E
Price: $87.99 USD

Product Description

InterDry Ag Textile with Silver Complex has

  • a knitted 100% polyester woven textile that provides a soft and lubricious, friction reducing surface to reduce the risk of skin tears,
  • a proprietary polyurethane coating to allow for moisture translocation by wicking moisture within the fabric,
  • an ionic silver impregnated into the cloth to provide continuous and effective odor control.
InterDry Ag Textile with Silver Complex is specially designed to manage moisture, odor and inflammation in skin folds and other skin-to-skin contact areas.

Skin Fold Management refers to the management of moisture, friction and inflammation in skin-to-skin contact areas. Natural skin folds can be found in the groin area, under the breasts, behind the knee, on the abdomen, in the armpit and between toes and clenched fingers. Areas where there are "folds" of the skin are prone to skin complications due to several factors including a lack of visual access, excess moisture due to perspiration or sweating and increased friction.

The following problems are common in skin folds:

  • Intertrigo
  • Erythema
  • Maceration
  • Denudement
  • Satellite lesions
  • Itching/burning
  • Odor
  • Infection
Previously, there was no effective solution for skin fold management. Paper towels, gauze, bed linens, creams and toilet paper were used which often lead to further skin complications within the skin fold.

Newswise 2/28/2012 The National Association For Continence (NAFC) presented the Most Innovative New Product award to Coloplast for its new product, InterDry Ag, a textile that helps reduce the risk of moisture-associated skin damage, most often diagnosed as intertriginous dermatitis (intertrigo). As moisture accumulates and remains trapped within skin folds, bacteria, fungal and viral growth inevitably lead to intertrigo and even skin breakdown and subsequent ulceration. Obese patients, as well as those with contractures, are most vulnerable. The award was announced in the 2011-2012 issue of DISCOVERIES, a directory of the newest products and services for people living in the US with bladder and bowel control problems. InterDry Ag is a textile with antimicrobial silver compound that wicks and moves excess moisture away from the skin. The silver within this material provides effective antimicrobial action and reduces odor caused by bacterial, fungal or viral proliferation when excess moisture is trapped. The moisture can be urine from incontinence and/or perspiration from body sweat.

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